We started writing and publishing articles on Medium in January. It has been a great experience and we would be very happy to make headway. Here is how we want to do it.

Moving away from Medium

Nowadays, a lot of blogs are stepping away from Medium. And there is a good reason for that. Medium was a unique platform in the beginning. A place for independent creators to express their thoughts and find audiences in a way that wasn’t possible before.

But this Notion is changing. Since Medium introduced its paywall, they are aggressively promoting their premium content and subscription. There where multiple occasions where articles even landed behind the paywall that should not have been there.

Don’t get me wrong. Medium is still a great platform. In 2018 alone, they paid a whopping $5 million to writers in 2018. But the trend is clear and since Medium is restricting content behind a paywall, it’s probably not the best for an independent blog.

We felt this when we wanted to use a custom domain for our blog. This feature was available for a long time, but Medium deprecated this feature at the end of 2017. This makes it practically impossible for us to own our blog and the sweet SEO juice.

This, among other things, was the reason to step away from Medium and do it the good old way. By creating and hosting our own independent blog.

A new name, colors, and concept

When we made the decision to move, it was great timing to go back to the drawing board. As you maybe realized, we love to do this. While we where brainstorming, we didn’t try to overthink it. Our goal was to create a separate space for our blog, that has his own personality and a more or less clear idea behind it.

In recent years, we observed that design and code are now merging together. Slowly, but surely. And this results in an increasing demand for people, who are able to navigate at the intersection and speak both languages. We think that these people will be the makers of tomorrow by solving challenges creatively and by using all the possibilities that the tech world brings us.

As designers and programmers ourselves, we thought that this is a great topic to write about. We named the blog “Better In Between”, as a wordplay for helping people to flourish at the intersection of design and code. Inside the blog, we only have four tags: design, code, interviews, and updates (For everything that is happening at Crisp).

Sloth who looks interested

With the new blog, we also aim to write more and publish articles regularly. If you want to get notified, feel free to subscribe to this blog by email or just follow us on Instagram.